ANP, the link between low blood volume and ?hronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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Thanks Gemini,
The Vanderbilt trail is very interesting and I'm very curious what they will find. Thank you for that. I think isotonic drinks and saline infusions are only helpful for about 60 minutes because you will increase your ANP and that will produce more urine. It is more important to threat the cause. I think the cause is a chronic inflammation withs leads to increased ANP and low BV. CFS is more like septic shock lite.
taking salt tablets has helped me to cut down on the need to urinate so frequently. still somewhat of a problem though.
Florinef has helped me somewhat but its still a problem. When I relapse I lose five kgs indicating substantial volume loss almost overnight. I am attempting to find other medicinal herbs that increase blood volume - Chinese Angelica looks promising.

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