Tracking CCI / AAI MRI & Treatment outcomes

I have been tested for CCI / AAI / Chiari / Spinal Stenosis with specific scans and tested

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I don't know, you would have to ask someone inside the group. One of the rules you accept when you apply to join is that you won't share any information you learn inside the group with outsiders BTW.
Yea I’ve read that. Tbh it’s odd not to share what may helped others with otter cfs patients. Like.....really, why?....makes no sense.
Anyway I doubt it’s anything groundbreaking or we would all be healed by now
Hi everyone!
I was diagnosed with CCI and AAI by Dr.Gilete.
I would like to have another opinion, I thought to do an online consultation with Dr.Henderson.
Has anyone managed to consult with him online? What is the procedure and how I can contact him?
@minimalist i haven’t consulted him yet but I called his office and the lady was really nice and sent me the initial paperwork. I think it did mention they do online consults if you’re state allows it.