The Undetectable Infection

So... my lyme test finally came back and it turns out that I am positive for a Babesia infection.

I thank God for the internet, alerting me to the issue of massively under diagnosed Lyme & co-infections. I am assuming this was from the bed bug bites I got in London over 5 years ago. It explains a lot of the symptoms I have been having ever since such as rapid tooth decay. constant thirst, tiredness, fibromyalgia, synergy with mould issues. etc.

I am happy that I now know what I am trying to treat and have started on some pulsed high dose Artemisinin to try and treat this. Seems to be working as I have had some clear die off symptoms. @ljimbo423 yes you were right haha the thyme oil is very strong so I should have been more careful on the face idea, maybe it would help in more a diluted form though.
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Curious. How many courses of Cipro/Levo/Moxi have you taken BEFORE the start of your fatigue and Joint pain/cracking, brain fog?

These are well documented symptoms of Cipro Toxicity Syndrome and wondering if they caused you those symptoms. They are well documented to be long lasting in many cases.