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The 'Optimize Dr. Bateman's Research' Fundraiser


Senior Member
Would it be asking too much (and I'm asking with sincerity, not snark - don't want to be misunderstood!) to have some periodic updates on this project?

Don't want to over burden CBS, but it would be fun and interesting to know how things are progressing. Something along the lines of "everything is ordered" or "new hardware is installed" or "we had enough for chairs" - any little crumb to take our minds off the Dr Peterson news (does Dr Bateman want to move?).

Thanks again for everything Shane and Cort, and everyone who contributed.



Sorry it took so long for me to answer but yes, I'd be happy to keep forums members posted on progress.

In brief, I met with the research staff yesterday and we're continuing work on design of the database. Additionally, the fundraiser went better than expected and we are looking at the possibility of utilizing an unexpected offer of additional software.

We're ready to order hardware (everything is spec'd) but waiting to get estimates on the savings/costs associated with the possible change in server platform (which would impact the OS we load on the machines). We expect to have details on the cost impacts and if all goes well we'll be able to realize additional savings as donated software could replace software that is presently being leased.

In addition, I've been haggling with hardware vendors to make sure we get the most out of everyone's generous contributions. So far we're doing better on that front than expected as well.



Senior Member
Great to hear!

Thanks so much, Shane.

With everything else going on right now (I live in AZ, 'nuff said! and my only child left for Army Basic Training a couple of weeks ago), it is SO nice to have something positive and exciting to be following. That living vicariously thing......

No apology necessary for any length of time to respond, you're all ready doing more than you probably should.

Will be happy to have any type of report whenever you have the energy to do it.

Many thanks!