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Oxalate Dumping - a Probiotic Solution?


Senior Member
Lately I have had more brain fog. Its really hard to think and often to speak. I search for words some days.

I have been trying to improve my biome - more probiotics, more complex carbs for resistant starch and even a little potato starch a couple of evenings.

Brainfog was getting worse. As a migraineur, I have never done well on fermented foods. So I decided to forget about all that healthy biome stuff for the moment and see what happens. Well, brainfog has lifted to an appreciable extent.

I was taking the Lactobif + 1 Primal Defense + 2 S. Boulardi per day. Perhaps too much? I have continued the S Boulardi as I am very prone to Candida.

Lactobif seemed to be keeping the urinary oxalate problem in check but floaters are still a big problem.

How can I improve my gut without fermented foods/probiotics/resistant starch?
i would strongly recommend avoid any s. boulardii. it's a yeast and produces oxalates in the gut.