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Meet Grace the ME advocacy chatbot

Jenny TipsforME

Senior Member
I’m creating an ME advocacy chatbot see https://tipsforme.wordpress.com/2023/03/20/grace-the-advocacy-chat-bot/
The idea is that she can help us be more prolific without using extra energy. She can help with things like writing social media posts, articles, press releases, generating new campaign ideas. Eg “Write me 10 tweets on the topic x”.

It would be great if you could help test her out and leave comments on the blog post if she gives unexpected answers. My health isn’t great at the moment so it might take a little while to edit her data, and having specific feedback to action in one place would help me. A free chatbase account gives you 30 free questions a month.


Remember though that Grace can’t search the internet for herself, so you might need to copy in information or explain context in the question.


Senior Member