1. bspg

    A Medical Abuse Hotline is Coming

    Hey everyone! I learned of this recently and wanted to share here. An organization called Health Justice Commons is starting the first ever Medical Abuse Hotline and is seeking donations to get started. The hotline will be available for anyone to use (I think this is US only?) and they hope to...
  2. Jackb23

    Letter Bank

    Hello, I came down with EBV in 2015 and I haven't been the same since. Of all my symptoms, cognition is by far the most troublesome. I am still relatively mild (8 on a scale of 10) but life is still very hard to say the least. I have tried many drugs, supplements, and have even done a...
  3. MaximilianKohler

    Who to contact to get an FMT clinical trial with high quality donors?

    I've been following the microbiome literature daily for 4+ years while cataloging it all into this wiki: There is tremendous support for FMT being close to a panacea with the major caveat being that the donor is in perfect health, with an...