1. A

    Plausible Lithium-B12 connection or AI garbage?

    Here’s the final result of pushing gpt-4 into finding a connection between lithium supplementation and b12 uptake by the cell: When asked about alternative mechanisms by which lithium could exert its influence: Not evaluated for hallucinations, take everything with a grain of salt. But, any...
  2. Jenny TipsforME

    Meet Grace the ME advocacy chatbot

    I’m creating an ME advocacy chatbot see The idea is that she can help us be more prolific without using extra energy. She can help with things like writing social media posts, articles, press releases, generating new...
  3. linusbert

    chatgpt for supporting cfs research and as tool to assist the sickend?

    i played around with it. its better informed then most casual doctors i must say. NO MEDICAL ADVISE of course. i believe it might help a lot of us to gather information faster and analyse and process it. instead of googling over dozens of internet websites and analysing content, you can just...