LDN - how's it working for you?

I've been on LDN for...

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I get that, but what’s in question, can LDN as a drug, cause increased stomach acid, regardless of how it is administered? A couple of people have told me yes, it can. But everyone is different, so another trial is the only way to know. Thank you for your help.
No, not that I am aware of. In all the issues with digestive problems that I have known, its the filler and switching it to a better filler like ginger or sucrose, taking sublingual and taking with food solves the problem.

Sorry to hear you have such bad stomach issues. Good luck.
I was on 2mg naltrexone and want to go back on.
Also it kinda modulates dopamine I think or sensitizes D2 receptors at these tiny dosages. Useful if get depressed clinically.

I mixed my LDN with bupropion and modafinil at the time from reading this paper. It was better then nothing. I want to go back. Helped inflammation and was in bed less.
Heres the paper where they tried mixing it.