I need help. Nyc/new Jersey area


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I'm sicker than ever. It's hard to explain all the things I need help with with how sick I am and how hard typing is becoming ironically. But some of it includes stuff a social worker would deal with ideally, or just stuff that is under purview of caregiving or doing tasks related to helping with fundraising, communicating a lot (so. Dictation and organization of what I verbally communicate ) , also finding better pain doctors in the area, and many many other things.

I have cci I'm deteriorating fast. I do have possible treatment options but I don't want to wait to get help until I can't talk.
It's time sensitive. I know most people here are too sick to help. But I figure there are both mildly ill people here, and also some allies or caregivers or curious people. Or people that know people that can help. Hence why I'm posting.

I'm in the nyc area. In north jersey specifically. .
Please contact me if you can help.