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  1. A

    neuropsych testing?

    Does anyone know who is doing neuropsych testing for ME/CFS disability these days?
  2. hellytheelephant

    DISABILITY & THE SHAME TANGO- The Chronic Elephant Blog.

    Hi folks, In this 3rd of my Blogs on the subject of Disability, I tackle the Shame that so many Disabled people experience (and functional incontinence gets a mention too!) https://thechronicelephant.blogspot.com/2022/05/disability-shame-tango.html
  3. frozenborderline

    Ariel (a flash fiction piece about ME/CFS)

    https://atomicchesterton.blogspot.com/2021/12/ariel.html Let me know what you all think. This was published in an online magazine awhile back but they're gone now so I'm republishing .
  4. frozenborderline

    I need help. Nyc/new Jersey area

    I'm sicker than ever. It's hard to explain all the things I need help with with how sick I am and how hard typing is becoming ironically. But some of it includes stuff a social worker would deal with ideally, or just stuff that is under purview of caregiving or doing tasks related to helping...
  5. gbells

    Someone Just Won Disability for ME at the ALJ hearing 2021

    Someone who asked me for help recently forwarded me their notice of favorable decision for SSD for ME from an ALJ hearing. He was previously rejected at the earlier stages based on biased SSA but persisted, continued to strengthen his case with a full neuropsychology exam and two day exercise...
  6. nyanko_the_sane

    Social Security Disability (SSDI) Resources of Interest (US)

    I created this thread to share information I found useful in my quest for SSDI benefits. Please feel free to post additional resources or ask related questions. Almost Everything in a nutshell: As the title implies, this article outlines what you need to know about SSDI, Social Security...
  7. gbells

    Low Income HUD Tenants are Under Attack

    I just wanted to warn everyone that some US public housing authorities are attacking low income HUD tenants as part of the RAD development and Moving-To-Work cohort B plans. What you'll see is that they let public housing maintenance fail and on apartment renewals they raise rents above...
  8. Murph

    Unemployment and work disability in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis

    Unemployment and work disability in individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis: a community-based cross-sectional study from Spain. Castro-Marrero J1, Faro M2, Zaragozá MC3,4, Aliste L3, de Sevilla TF3, Alegre J3. Author information Abstract BACKGROUND: Few reports...