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How I improved from very severe to moderate in 14 days


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United Kingdom
I had terrible sleep about 8yrs ago for a month. Felt like 2-3hrs per night. It was was caused by using a transcranial device meant to help sleep. For the first month it didn't seem to effect sleep so I didn't realise it was that causing it.
Anyway I didn't notice anything beneficial from the sleep deprivation.


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so happy to hear of your improvement Martin -

i sincerely hope it leads to a path to further improvements for you

i have heard about pretty remarkable effects from transcranial treatments with powerful electromagnetic fields - i think in people with things like treatment resistant depression, suicide ideation etc - but not from direct DC currents. Intriguing

in the interests of scientific rigor - should the tramadol be added the the list of possible causes?


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I personally have put a lot of effort into sleep management after I observed some improvements following nights of reduced sleep. At most, the benefits would extend into the next day. After the next night of sleep the improvements would promptly reverse. Never did I once have more than one day of improvement. And after that day, once I slept again, even if I reduced the time spent sleeping the second night, symptoms would always worsen significantly the following day. This worsening would slowly return back to my regular state by 3 days.

As for tramadol I have found it does improve things as well, but that would also reverse once I stopped, within a day.

All in all, I think these two factors could explain some improvement, but to me neither would adequately explain the description by Martin.

I for one would like to experiment with the TDCS hearing these results.


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Southern California
I went through a period of often getting 2 hours of sleep a night - once 4 days in a row. It was hell, and scary. I began to wonder if my body was incapable of sleep. I've gone through bad lack of sleep patches for many years and it's never had a beneficial effect on my ME/CFS. I did get in a car accident once while severely sleep-deprived. I try not to drive if I've only had an hour or 2 of sleep, but it was some errand I felt I had to do. The accident wasn't my fault, but I believe my reaction time was slower than it should have been - I might have been able to avoid the errant other driver altogether if I'd been well-rested. But no one was hurt - whew!

Anyways, lack of sleep has never done anything good for me, just another way of destroying my life.

So I'm voting that the tDCS caused the improvements for @MartinK :nerd: I'm really glad to hear about this @MartinK and very glad you shared it with us -


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As a lot of you know, I've had severe, complicated insomnia for a good part of my life.

When I was not sleeping well, a severe type of insomnia (two sleep clinics and prescriptions of tramadol for each) I discovered that I really wasn't any worse the following day. As long as I had one night of decent sleep per week, I did OK...well, more or less. Tramadol was useless for me, so I stopped relying on it. ALL sleeping meds have proven useless, so I don't take anything apart from my regular night meds. Yours, Lenora
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