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  1. MartinK

    How I improved from very severe to moderate in 14 days

    I haven't been here for a long time because I was going through the most challenging time of my life. I began to suffer from extreme insomnia, which gradually worsened all my symptoms - pain, burning in the body, exhaustion. I was falling into a state where I thought I was going to die. And I...
  2. serafim

    People for whom Abilify has stopped working, is your baseline worse than before you started?

    There was a poll in the Abilify FB group according to which 58% of the users for whom Abilify stopped working are worse than before they started it, with only a few people being better. It’s hard to follow up with those who responded to the poll because i assume many of them have left the group...
  3. C

    Extremely ill after 3 months cancer treatment. Bedbound again.

    So I've had an ME diagnosis for at least 15 years. I became full blown chronically ill when I was only a teenager and I can't pinpoint anything that caused this, over the years I just got worse and worse. I ended up bedbound in my early 20's and spent most of my 20's resting, pacing, sleeping...
  4. 2

    Trazodone causing palpitations and feeling generally awful?

    Hi there. I started on low dose Trazodone (25 mg) for insomnia in June. Started with .25 mg at night and later bumped it up to 50mg at night + another 25 when I woke up around 3. It did help my insomnia. But after about 1-2 months I started having more heart palpitations and feeling...
  5. GlassCannonLife

    THC or CBD oil for sleep?

    I am about to trial some THC oil to help with my sleep. I currently take a multitude of supplements to try and help with it, but still wake multiple (5-10 or so) times during the night, sometimes struggling to fall back asleep. Most recently, I have also started having episodes of restless leg...
  6. R

    GERD exacerbating insomnia

    For the past several months I've seen a flare-up of insomnia, including great difficulty getting to sleep (sometimes not until the afternoon of the next day), irregular heartbeat, and nausea. Acidic foods, caffeine and spices all exacerbate it. It seemed to trigger after being placed on...
  7. S

    Aceytl L-carnitine carnitine + melatonin - long term use

    I use both for insomnia, the L-aceytl carnitine helps the wired but tired sensations that keep me restless and awake. Any of you using these long term? Do they remain effective or do you find you need dose increases? 2 x 500mg Acetyl L-carnitine but used to be one 3mg melatonin Reluctant...
  8. overtheedge

    Are there any doctors who work with sleeping pills other than psychiatrists?

    I've been working with an ENT for a while now who has been prescribing sleep medications to help fix my insomnia. I've tested the four or so sleep meds he's Rx'd with partial success but after telling him this last med didn't work he says he's out of his depth and the only doctor he can...
  9. SeanQHX1

    Cyclical Alternating Insomnia/Sleeping

    Hi everyone again! I can't say I've had much to report regarding my illness, it's been more of the same, only increasingly worse as time progresses with most of my symptoms. But recently my insomnia seems to have went from week long episodes to a more chronic/intermittent state. Before, there...
  10. Sarah94

    Mannan oligosaccharides (MOS)

    Has anyone taken a supplement containing "Mannan oligosaccharides" (MOS) (it's in some probiotic supplements) and did you get any bad effects from it? I'm trying to work out what's causing my sudden terrible sleep for the last 3 nights. I started the supplement containing MOS 3 days ago (it's...
  11. bertiedog

    Insomnia with low dose Carnitine

    I was wondering whether others have had sleep issues with L Lcarnitine, even at low dose. I usually take 250 mg with breakfast around 8 - 9 am and it definitely helps give me energy along with Cordyceps, Astragalus and the active B vitamins (but don't take MB12 and folate cos they give me...