1. Celandine

    Guardian article on the Remission Biome Project--gut and antibiotic exploration for ME/CFS I've been following this on Twitter for a while. Nice to see it get some mainstream attention. Self-experimentation at its finest!
  2. Hip

    Long COVID ME/CFS patient goes into remission after 3 weeks on the antiviral sofosbuvir

    A long COVID patient on Reddit (Warm_Camera_7052) with ME/CFS symptoms reports that after he took the antiviral sofosbuvir for just 3 weeks, this put his illness into full remission. He has only been in remission for one month though, so relapse remains a possibility. His brother with LC...
  3. N

    Full remission after 7 years of ME/CFS - What worked for me

    Hi all, just wanting to share my success story and how I got complete remission through an intense autoimmune protocol, low-dose abilify, and getting a cold. Full disclosure the doctor who's autoimmune protocol I followed does absolutely make money from books and very expensive consults, but I...
  4. Elike

    Berberine helped me

    I wanted to share with you my experience with Berberine (and others). I am in remisson I guess one can say, the last eight months I was in a severe state and now after 4 weeks taking Berberine I am at my pre-severe state. It's not perfect far from it, but I don't feel constantly in PEM mode...
  5. Hip

    Study found 31% of EBV ME/CFS patients achieved full remission on spironolactone 25 mg daily

    A 2020 study gave spironolactone 25 mg daily to sixteen Epstein-Barr virus ME/CFS patients, and found that 31% achieved full remission from their illness, and the other 69% observed improvements in their ME/CFS symptoms. Spironolactone is a diuretic drug, which is also prescribed for high blood...