Herpes Veridai protocol (5-ar inhibitors)


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I’m sure everyone appreciates it. However my recollection from the locked thread was that there was plenty of questioning/skepticism about the treatment theory even by those of us trying it. This very thread was made in response to me being concerned about the hormonal aspect of the protocol. So the shutting down of the thread and this seems like overkill. Busy bodies who are looking out for the “best interest of others” are just annoying. No offense intended I’m sure your intentions are good.
The purpose of these forums is to share information. It's only fair to share links to previous honest discussions about the protocol.

I felt compelled to post because many have been asking where to start with his model, only to be given links to 3 papers totaling over 100 pages and asked to read them from the beginning. Many of us have read his papers and found the claims to be inconsistent or even incorrect.

I don't think it's reasonable to expect every person reading these threads to read all 100 pages and check citations. We should share others' findings about the documents to help prevent others from wasting valuable energy repeating the same exploration.

He has tried to promote his protocol in Reddit's /r/AskDocs, which is a subreddit that only allows doctors to answer questions. He was quickly called out by the moderators and actual doctors in the thread who quickly debunked his theories and removed several of his posts:
He may not be claiming to be a doctor here, but he has tried to allude to clinical trials that do not exist, among other claims.

Informed self-experimentation is fine. My goal is to inform everyone about existing discussion and concerns about his theories from those of us who have previously read his papers and investigated his claims.
I can’t see on the picture how they debunked his theories.
Could you tell me what exactly is wrong? I’m on the protocol and would like to know that. I’m too severe too read it and check all the references. Sorry ✌🏼