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Has anyone noticed significant changes in their collagen? ( Vascular, Skin, Joints )

Rufous McKinney

Senior Member
Have you done anything that might explain this?

I think the gradual loss of collagen (maybe its not so gradual in some of us)...its a major deal. I blame that for my lower brain stem making me possibly retarded (brain fog, and the many other issues we experience).

I get tons of "swelling" up in my throat, sinus, head...brain right there.

My husband eight years older than me, has major collagen break down and his whole body is out of alignment. The odd thing we have these similar issues when he has NO issues with ME, with immune system, he hardly ever gets sick. He has an EDS gene. He also has Scandinavian homozygous genes for strange things that seem etc affect connective tissue, which shares qualities with collagen. He has hammer toes and hands, another genetic thing.

I lost my fingerprints and can't trigger the Thumb print machine. That was quite a problem in the DMV.

And my neck is unraveling on the right side. (pop pop pop all night).

I'm badly deconditioned, but wasn't this bad up until about four years ago.

I lost alot of weight- so that maybe "explained" my tissue collapsing....such that its only recently I better understand this is a big problem.
Yes, i have reason to believe that in EDS, we actually "decondition" a LOT more rapidly than normal people if that makes sense. And we'd consequently have to work against that with unreasonably big effort to even be able to keep functioning semi-normally. Something i'd even be up for, if there weren't the little issues with getting chronically ill and slowly falling apart systemically also, which kinda prevents the whole exercise to stay fit thing ;(

Funny how it all works though...how this wasn't so big a problem in my youth at least, i guess hormones, more muscle tissue and just overall activity level and therefore building more muscle has kept it all going for as long as it has.