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Does anyone else have an extremely exaggerated startle response? Need help with this.


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Ashland, Oregon
I sort of inadvertently ran across this thread, and wondered if anybody might have mentioned a connection between a startle reflex and the limbic system--perhaps a dysfunctional limbic system. I did a quick search, and noticed nobody did.

Not to get into any of the various "treatments" out there like Gupta and DNRS, but I can't help but think a lot of us are dealing with a limbic system that is not in homeostasis. I too have experienced an exaggerated startle reflex for many years, and my best guess is that my limbic system is likely responsible for it.

I don't really do any kind of Gupta or DNRS, but have a "repertoire" of relaxation and calming techniques that I feel calms down my limbic system (at least temporarily). I will likely follow up on this, and see if I can take a few more steps in reaching that elusive homeostasis.

@Gingergrrl -- Did you ever manage to improve this situation for yourself?
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Not sure it's the same as others are experiencing, but My wife has something like this. She will get a fright and then afterward will be very anxious for several days

I get the extended reactions myself, a really intense emotional event in general will tend to positive or negative result in instability after emotionally and my startle response will get very high for days. It is normally there but it can increase in intensity. People think I'm often exaggerating and will even get a bit irritated with me when it happens but I literally can't control it. If something unexpected pops up suddenly it's like an electric jolt through my entire nervous system that can have a smaller or wider reaction window.