vitamin c

  1. SWAlexander

    Recent studies: how well do antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers help with COVID-19, long covid and vaccination reactions?

    A Google quick translation Ingelheim (ots) - In severe cases of COVID-19, the immune system overreacts with an uncontrolled overproduction of inflammatory mediators, a so-called cytokine storm (Chen et al. , 2020). Mast cells play a key role in this. Mast cells belong to the white blood cells...
  2. Kadar

    Vit C vit E ratio?

    Hello. I started taking high dose vitamin C protocol. I could take maximum 1-2g a day for a week and then crash with vomiting, diarrhea and strong tiredness. Then my tolerance for vit C was less and less. I have read that vit C and vit E needs to be taken together as they use each other for...
  3. Anncomingtogrips

    Large Doses of Vitamin C for ME?

    Has anyone pursued large doses of Vitamin C? Here's an article about its uses: This is cited in Dr. Sarah Myhill's book, The Energy Equation. Dr. Myhill works exensively with ME patients. Both sources refer to determining...
  4. mitoMAN

    Vitamin C / Ascorbate injections according to Dr. Pall

    Fellow users, I would like to inquire about a possible injectible form of Vitamin C / Ascorbate that could be used according to the Work of Dr. Pall. High-dose Therapy with Ascorbate, Niacin, Folate and B12: Pauling was Right but for the Wrong Reason...
  5. Jwarrior77

    Best Types Of Vitamin C Poll

    What are the types of vitamin c that have helped you the most? Thanks.
  6. ZeroGravitas

    Overlap between ME/CFS and Covid-19 information - e.g. oxidative stress (MedCram), vitamin supplements, etc

    I've been watching a whole bunch of PeakProsperity and MedCram (excellent and respectable teaching doctor) to digest the medical info coming out about Covid-19 studies, etc (as I've been caught up blogging about it for ~6 weeks, etc). In previous weeks they've each described quite similar...
  7. lauluce


    Hi! in two weeks I'm starting an intravenous vitamin C treatment, consisting in four weekly infusions of vit C, each one with 10 grams or more. My blood tests show low vitamin C serum levels, sometimes as low as the minimum possible, 1mg/l, a value that according to my research is found among...