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  1. Z

    Candida vaccine

    I accidentally stumbled on this product which claims to be Candida vaccine (it's probably not my health-issue though, but i thought it might be interesting for someone here) I did not find any info about it on the forum except one entry here...
  2. frozenborderline

    My plan for surviving covid, plus vaccine dillemmas

    I need to figure out how to answer the question of if the existing vaccines side effects are worse than long covid sequelae from omicron... and whether the vaccine even protects against long covid in breakthrough cases I also want to see if there are any treatments for long or acute covid that...
  3. RyeRyeBread

    Covid Booster & Flu Shot Tommorrow

    I'm getting the booster and a flu shot tomorrow. I'm only 6 months into being sick (ME + POTS), and have yet to have any vaccinations - so i don't know if I'm going to have any reactions. A little concerning, but I rather not get Covid, so, we shall see. I would say I have moderate ME, though...
  4. Lolinda

    Adrenal crisis caused by covid vaccine - new research

    having small issues with cortisol deficiency, I looked into research if vaccines are safe with this condition. I found these two very recent publications. I am happy that research has started on this. 5 cases who had actual or incipient adrenal crises requiring parenteral hydrocortisone ...
  5. M

    Post-Vaccine energy boost?

    Hello hello, sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere, I’ve been out of the loop a while. Curious to know if anybody has had an energy boost after their vaccine? I had Pfizer 4 weeks apart and the second dose has had me feeling like I’ve made progress for the first time after 3 years...
  6. Sherpa

    Getting Over Post-Vaccination Flare

    Hi Friends, I got the Moderna vax second shot 17 days ago and I am still feeling a post-vaccination flare. I had been completely recovered and working full-time and exercising hard for past 3 years. I had nearly forgotten about CFS. The vaccine has temporarily thrown me back into a world of...
  7. H

    Do Covid Vaccines trigger reactions in MCAS patients?

    I've not had the vaccine so far as I'm worried how I'll react. And I'm completely isolated on account of my ME/CFS so I considered the risk of catching Covid much lower than having a bad reaction to the vaccine. My MCAS doctor though wants me to go for a bunch of tests and has such now wants me...
  8. nerd

    Update on potential long-term risks of vaccines

    They mention that there is a signal for viral reactivations from the vaccines, retrovirus in particular. I'm not sure if this also refers to mRNA vaccines only or to the Adenovirus vaccines as well. The only case I found after a quick literature search is this one: Herpes zoster emergence...
  9. jen1177

    I need to hear from people who've gotten BOTH shots of the covid vaccine

    I had a bad reaction to my first Moderna shot and I'm trying to figure out if I should get the second one. All the articles I've read say the symptoms are worse after the second shot, but I'm hearing anecdotally that some people who had strong reactions to the first shot had lesser reactions to...
  10. 2

    Will You Be Getting the Covid Vaccine?

    Hello. I'm very conflicted about this. I'm not an anti-vaxxer and have no objections to vaccines, but I stopped getting them 20 years ago after having a very bad autonomic nervous system reaction to a flu/pneumonia combo vaccine. My doctors have said it's probably best to avoid vaccines...
  11. Hip

    Coxsackievirus B vaccine protects against CVB-induced type I diabetes in a mouse model

    Newly published research has demonstrated that a coxsackievirus B1 (CVB1) vaccine can protect against CVB1-induced type 1 diabetes in a mouse model: Paper: A Coxsackievirus B vaccine protects against virus-induced diabetes in an experimental mouse model of type 1 diabetes Article: Enterovirus...