Post-Vaccine energy boost?

Hello hello,
sorry if this has already been discussed somewhere, I’ve been out of the loop a while.

Curious to know if anybody has had an energy boost after their vaccine? I had Pfizer 4 weeks apart and the second dose has had me feeling like I’ve made progress for the first time after 3 years generally declining. It’s only been a week so far but it has held out longer than ever and while I’m being careful to pace as best as I can manage, I feel that I’m now able to manage short walks that would knock me out for a few days previously, and I’m even tolerating a small amount of sugar.

I’ve heard of this effect happening anecdotally with long covid patients, however I became ill prior with ME. Curious if others experienced this although I have heard more that the vaccine can cause crashes more than the opposite.

( Not banking on this energy lift lasting though as I know what this condition is like, hopefully my support paperwork will get done though while I’m feeling a little better.)


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If being hyper for a few days up to nearly a week counts then yes. First jab I had viral symptoms for 9 hours then was fairly hyper for about 5 days before a crash. Second time round almost no symptoms after jab and then severe crash after 11 days and throat infection prob due to nuked white blood cells and inability for the body to fight infection.

So I'd say be very careful, I think they can rev the immune system right up and at that point it isn't working within its own normal homeostasis anymore, so the slightest thing can set it off. That is minor exertion can break the cycle and equilibrium goes haywire.

I think it took me 2 months to recover from both vaccines, but the second time was significantly worse due to the infection in my throat which even once cleared left me with feelings of lowered energy state. It's a mystery what this lowered energy state was from.


Yes, I had a 2.5 month 70% remission from the Pfizer vaccine, which disappeared in a puff of smoke when I tried to jog half a mile. For me, it was also the first improvement I had had after years of decline.
I just had my booster on Friday and, although I am going through the acute side effects, my mind is clearer, so I am hoping for the same effect.
I have EBV as the main component of my ME/CFS and no known autoimmune involvement, no MCAS.
I think the vaccine ramped up my Th1 and may be helping me to clear the virus. This time I am also taking valacyclovir (which I started after my relapse, it has also helped), so my fingers are crossed for improvement.

Do you know what initially triggered your ME/CFS? Do you have known autoimmunity? MCAS? Just looking for similarities.
Haven’t been able to pinpoint it but my condition worsened a few years ago when I came down with the flu. Haven’t been on top of which doctors I should be going to to check these things, we have one specialist only in my Australian city that everyone is going to. I don’t know exactly what he tested for.

Have haemochromatosis and pots but no known autoimmunity issues so far. It’s so hard not to get intoxicated by a little extra energy, I’ll have to do my best to take it easy definitely no jogs anyway.