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  1. ironlion37

    Staggering Incompetence

    I've just been in touch with Arnika Apothecary in Germany. They are an often quoted source of methylcobalamin ampules. Before ordering from them, I inquired as to their light exposure precautions during production. This is their response: "We manufacture the methylcobalamin ampoules in our...
  2. ironlion37

    Sterile Methylcobalamin Powder

    Hi everyone, in 2022 Oxford Biosciences switched suppliers of their sterile methylcobalamin powder (used for IM injection). After the switch, their product no longer works for me and feels "dirty" in my system. For nine months now, I've been trying to track down a new source as my health has...
  3. ironlion37


    Hi, I saw a link to an article about this product "MecobalActive." The article stated that it is a cleaner form of methylcobalamin. It seems that the company that produced this product no longer exists. In response to a decline in my health, Oxford Biosciences admitted that they switched...
  4. nilsoskaraxel

    DIY methylcobalamin injections?

    Hi, I’ve been using Rx MB12 injections for a few years but due to poor packaging and uneven quality I want to try compounding my own injectable MB12. It doesn’t seem like rocket science. There is a British company called Oxbio that sells sterile MB12 powder in amber vials; you just mix it...
  5. mitoMAN

    Methylcobalamin Injections: Finding the right dosage?

    Dear fellow users, I was wondering how YOU have found your personal "sweet spot" dosage for Injections of MethylB12, AdenosylB12 or HydroB12? The manufacturer I get my Methylcobalamin from, produces 5mg ampoules. According to another suppliers medical instruction, saturation of B12 is reached...
  6. Pyrrhus

    B12: a simple 5-second poll for everyone

    This is a simple 5-second poll for anyone who has ever tried a B12 supplement in any form. Many thanks to everyone who responds! Please feel free to share your experience in more detail in a post.
  7. Sarah94

    Questions about Methylation

    I have seen "overmethylation" mentioned in a few threads and I want to ask what is it? How would you know if you were "overmethylating"? I am taking transdermal B12 (methylcobalamin) spray which I bought from Dr Myhill's online shop. She recommends 5-10 sprays daily. I'm currently on 6 sprays...
  8. Hip

    Very noticeable improvements in brain fog using Dr Greg Russell-Jones's transdermal B12 oils (which provide a similar dose to B12 injections)

    For the last few months I have been using the methylcobalamin + adenosylcobalamin vitamin B12 transdermal oil developed by Dr Greg Russell-Jones in Australia, which he recommends for ME/CFS. This transdermal B12 oil has made very noticeable improvements in my brain fog and cognitive clarity...