DIY methylcobalamin injections?


I’ve been using Rx MB12 injections for a few years but due to poor packaging and uneven quality I want to try compounding my own injectable MB12.

It doesn’t seem like rocket science.

There is a British company called Oxbio that sells sterile MB12 powder in amber vials; you just mix it with sterile saline in a dark room and voilà!

However, they are very expensive. So I’m considering buying my sterile powder from another source along with amber vials and saline. But I want to play it safe and don’t miss any important details.

Has anyone tried compounding their own MB12 injections? Any advice?

Would be very grateful for input before I try this at home!

Best regards,

Oskar, Sweden
Hello nilsoskaraxel

I recently found a good and reasonably affordable source of injectable methylcobalamin and have been using it for ME/CFS for a few weeks. He sells you a tiny bottle with the powder in bottom and you add the saline. I have noticed a definite difference and alleviation of brain fog and see it as a long-term remedy. Here is a link to the site: (I do not have any commercial or personal connection with this person, I just found it online and use it myself).

Best wishes
Laura, Australia