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  1. Cort

    Article A Gut-Immune-Energy Model: Pt. II – The Armin Alaedini Interview

    This is the first Health Rising post to appear on PR. Fittingly, it's by Bronc - a PR member. Health Rising covered this fascinating gut/immune/metabolic study in an earlier blog. Now Bronc is back with an interview with Dr. Armin Alaedini – the senior author of this study. Note that we just...
  2. Celandine

    Guardian article on the Remission Biome Project--gut and antibiotic exploration for ME/CFS

    https://www.theguardian.com/science/2023/jul/09/microbiome-chronic-fatigue-me-long-covid-research I've been following this on Twitter for a while. Nice to see it get some mainstream attention. Self-experimentation at its finest!
  3. T

    Binders and endotoxins/LPS

    I am curious if binders itself can completely eliminiate gut issues if used long term. If toxins are continuously detoxed and eliminated, will endotoxins/LPS reduce permanently? Or can it only be reduced if it is eradicated using some antimicrobial? If it no longer has toxins to feed on...
  4. C

    Leonard Jason presents findings

    I think the paper was paywalled.
  5. T

    Trying Colloidal Silver. Instructions? Probiotics?

    I’m trying colloidal silver for my gut and it seems to cause bloating after several hours. I think it messes with my good bacteria. How should i take this? How much should I take? I take the teaspoon CS twice a day but should I follow it with probiotics or some sauerkraut an hour later...
  6. Boba

    Video on Long Covid including Bacteriophage activity of C19

    I find the video very interesting, especially the findings of the first presenter Dr Carlo Brogna, who found toxin like peptides in the blood of LC patients. The gut is playing a central role in the in the theories presented.
  7. T

    Zinc carnosine

    Hello! Can anyone help me understand why Zinc Carnosine makes me SO tired? The “I can’t keep my brain/eyes turned on. im getting anxious” type of tired. My mother is also taking this but she does not experience fatigue. My body has gone under the wringer. I’ve been bleeding continuously...
  8. Boba

    Study in Austria found Viral remnants and proteins in the gut of Long Covid patients

    -Edit: link to study in English https://www.gastrojournal.org/article/S0016-5085(22)00450-4/pdf- https://tirol.orf.at/stories/3154338/ The article is in german. Most important fact is the patients with viral debris in the gut had long covid symptoms, all without reservoirs didn’t have any LC...
  9. SWAlexander

    Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis Is a Crucial Player for the Poor Outcomes for COVID-19 in Elderly, Diabetic and Hypertensive Patients

    Excerpt: The possibility that SARS-CoV-2 infection of enterocytes modify gut microbiota is supported by the fact that some patients with COVID-19 present intestinal dysbiosis (16, 17). There is evidence that hospitalized COVID-19 patients exhibit a significant reduction in gut microbiome...
  10. Boba

    Gut persistence of C19 up to 180 days

  11. Kes

    There's no place like Microbiome -(Probiotic advice please)

    Howdy 🤠 folks, I've not ventured really into the probiotic world other than an unsuccessful experiment with kefir a few years ago which made me feel rough,more fatigued basically. I'd be nervous about starting out with anything too strong. I am severely affected and am only managing to be out...
  12. M

    Where to start on Candida/Yeast Overgrowth treatment?

    I suspect I've got some type of yeast overgrowth but I've been putting off dealing with it as every time I start researching it I just hit brick walls of contradictory information. One article claims this is the way to go, then i'll find another saying it's not etc. You all know the score. It's...
  13. PatJ

    Study finds hemorrhagic brain disease caused by gut bacteria metabolite

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before. Considering how gut bacteria might be connected with ME/CFS I thought some of our members might be interested in this article on NewAtlas: Study finds hemorrhagic brain disease caused by gut bacteria metabolite. Some excerpts:
  14. A

    What foods contain bifidobacteria?

    Hello, So I wonder if there are any foods that contain bifidobacteria? Because all fermented food contain lactobacillus, but I haven't found a description of a fermented food containing bifidobacteria? How are we supposed to have bifidobacteria if we can not acquire it through food? Do we...
  15. mbiomes

    Adrenal Connection

    I found to develop symptoms of peripheral neuropathy alongside my gut issues. After many tests I found that the symptoms were actually a result of blood pressure issues from a dysfunction of the adrenal glands. Strong correlation between adrenal health and gut health. It might be worth trying...
  16. M

    UK FMT - let's search for the healthiest donors for database project

    Dear All, Anyone in the UK who is interested in FMT, I am considering supporting this site and running some Facebook campaigns to find FMT donors for DIY. https://microbioma.org/en/donate/ I spoke the NA admin, and they have had success in gathering donors. UK they have none so far. They...
  17. C

    Clarification on E. Coli

    Hi there, Can any of you folks help me with some insights? GI map stool test came back with high levels of pathogenic Enterotoxigenic E. coli LT/ST. The part I'm confused on is that it sounds like it's common/normal for E. Coli to inhabit the large intestine. Is there good e. coli and bad e...