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Clarification on E. Coli

Hi there,

Can any of you folks help me with some insights? GI map stool test came back with high levels of pathogenic Enterotoxigenic E. coli LT/ST. The part I'm confused on is that it sounds like it's common/normal for E. Coli to inhabit the large intestine. Is there good e. coli and bad e coli or does it just depend on whether or not it's been ingested as in with food. But then I don't understand why the lab would be testing for this, what would be the point. And this lab distinguishes between the one I mention above and categorizes Escherichia spp separately as normal gut flora.

I'm basically trying to figure out if this is a normal result or did I actually/finally uncover a problem. The lab flags it as high and labels it as a pathogen.

Appreciate your guys thoughts. Thanks


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Great Lakes
There is actually bad and good e.coli. Many people with ME/CFS are low on the good stuff. @Lassesen has an excellent website and he has some tools for analyzing Ubiome test results along with some of the other companies as well, I think.

His site is cfsremission.com. You can do a search for Mutaflor or Symbioflor to see the info he gives on the good e.coli.