1. frozenborderline

    Swelling and itching help, possible infections??

    Below is what I posted in r/askdocs I think it's a good summary of my situation and too tjred to repeat myself much. The things I wonder most about are valley fever and chagas disease ... seems more likely to be fungal or parasitic than bacterial and more likely to be some infection than an...
  2. Fuluf

    Chronic infection that you might have never heard about: "ropeworm"

    Hello everyone. After being in hell for about 3 years now, I accidentally found the probable root cause of all my problems. To put it briefly, during this 3 years I've had lots of weird symptoms which were severe in its intensity: -cognitive impairnment/brain fog/confusion -exercise intolerance...
  3. C

    Clarification on E. Coli

    Hi there, Can any of you folks help me with some insights? GI map stool test came back with high levels of pathogenic Enterotoxigenic E. coli LT/ST. The part I'm confused on is that it sounds like it's common/normal for E. Coli to inhabit the large intestine. Is there good e. coli and bad e...