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Swelling and itching help, possible infections??


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Below is what I posted in r/askdocs
I think it's a good summary of my situation and too tjred to repeat myself much. The things I wonder most about are valley fever and chagas disease ... seems more likely to be fungal or parasitic than bacterial and more likely to be some infection than an environmental problem,given how it has been unresponsive to changes in environment. However I'm open to any and all suggestions.

Male, 25 years old, 165 pounds, 6 foot 2 inches. Non smoker. Current medications ketotifen 10 mg, cyprohepradine 8 mg, aspirin as needed, and phenibut as a supplement (for the clonazepam withdrawal--but the phenibut and the withdrawal started after this problem started so I doubt its related). And levothyroxine 25 mcg.

This one is complicated by having various chronic illnesses so it's very hard to tell if there are new systemic symptoms, or if the symptoms are all local.

Heres some not great pics of the swelling. Hand swelling
Have travelled in the southwest, nevada, az, california, new mexico, throughout past six months. Not sure if relevant to here. Currently in northern nm.

I am going through benzo withdrawal (not due to abuse, I was put on them and then taken off sort of inappropriately) which may be causing systemic symptoms adding to the confusion of figuring this out.

I have some intense panic around docs due to bad treatment due to my chronic illnesses so I am reluctant to go to urgent care even when the situation is, well, urgent. Lol. But I do have some good specialists who could maybe order some basic lab tests to at least rule out some stuff, that I could get done around here while trying to find a good pcp. What would be good tests to do beyond a cbc?

Oh and the swelling is pretty unresponsive to antihistamines. I have mcas so I'm aware of histamine responses to environmental triggers and have mast cell stabilizers and antihistamines I take but this particular swelling is more intense and unresponsive to any particular environmental pattern that I worry about it being infection or something. I did get two tests for valley fever earlier on due to a rash in a different location of body plus flu symptoms and cough.


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New Mexico
Because of the itching, it's possible that it may be a type of shingles. Shingles doesn't always have to appear as the classic rash and can happen anywhere on the body. I cared for my Grandmother who had a lot of shingles episodes that presented themselves quite differently every time. I was surprised the first time I took her to the Dr. who diagnosed her with shingles. She had one tiny bump and the surrounding area was a little swollen and itched like crazy. Sometimes she would just get swelling and itching without signs of rash (or present with one tiny bump)..........other times she would get a rash without swelling. Sometimes it would happen on both sides of the body...........other times just on one side. Anyway.............just wanted to throw out a possibility.
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