Anyone else get extremely sleepy/can't stay awake when sick?


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New Jersey, US
This never happened to me prior to becoming chronically ill. For reference - I have suspected ME and diagnosed POTS, thus far.

Since becoming ill, I've only gotten "muggle" sick about 3-4 times (only been chronically ill for 2 years come june). First time was possibly just allergies and it didn't happen then, that i can recall.
2nd time was a cold-turned-bronchitis.
3rd time was a bad cold/flu (possibly covid, I was exposed directly but tested negative, only 1 test though).

4th time, this time currently lol, is allergies/cold-turned-possibly-bronchitis again.

Every single time I am seemingly sick with something proper, I get these days/instances where I am so incredibly, extremely "sleepy"?.
Fatigue I'm used to, and when I'm sick, yeah I'm a little more fatigued than usual - BUT SLEEPY!? Having a hard time staying awake, "needing" to/not being able to do anything else but passout and sleep, being hugely mentally out of it... It feels like I'm just coming back from a surgery with anesthesia, waking up and fighting to stay away/napping and being in and out of it.

The only other time this has happened is when I've been crashing bad/having PEM, but I haven't had significant PEM crashes in a bit since my pacing has been pretty good lately (and i havent had anything to do lately, aside from video games and scrolling on phone 😅) - So, I'm assuming being sick is making me crash? Or my body is stealing spoons to use for fighting infections...

Spoon wars.

Rufous McKinney

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Sounds somewhat familiar, altho I don' t seem to get muggle sick often any longer, (isolated probably)

I get some severe stomach gastroperesis periodically. Oh I totally fall apart when that happens. It might not be the exact sleepy you describe.

so lots of the ME symptoms flare intensely, and one of those is Zombie Coma I call it (incredibly sleepy)