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doctor recommendation

  1. R

    Looking for ME-friendly cardiologist in London, UK

    Hi everyone, I'm posting on behalf of my mum who has ME. Her doctor she sees for her ME is concerned that she has some abnormal signs in tests on her heart, and referred her to see a cardiologist. However the cardiologist (as is so often the case) totally fobbed her off and didn't explore any...
  2. I

    Chronic Illness Clinics in Melbourne, Australia: what was your experience?

    Now that I have a clinical diagnosis I'm looking to join one of the three (that I know of) clinics purportedly able to treat ME/CFS in my state's capital city. They are: -Zebra Clinic -Active Healthcare Clinic -Epworth Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic When I asked the rheumatologist who...
  3. 20somethingspoonie

    Looking for endocrinologist in UK

    Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for a private endocrinologist in the UK, preferably in the Manchester area. I'm specifically looking into Dr. Tara Kearney and Dr Annice Mukherjee, if anyone has any experience with them. Thanks in advance!
  4. 20somethingspoonie

    UK doctors who will prescribe meds

    Hello! I'm new to the UK and looking for a doctor who will prescribe meds. When I lived in the US, I had a psychiatrist who prescribed Modafinil, which is the only thing that has ever helped my ME/CFS. My current psychiatrist in the UK doesn't seem to believe in ME/CFS and won't prescribe...
  5. Pyrrhus

    ME/CFS doctors: How to find them

    Where are the ME/CFS doctors? Everyone wants to know where the best ME/CFS doctors are. Unfortunately, there are very few doctors that specialize in ME/CFS. Some organizations have put together lists of doctors, but these lists become outdated very quickly. Before you go looking for an ME/CFS...
  6. D

    Fatigue Doctor Recommendation: Dr. Jon Kaiser (based in CA, does telehealth sessions nationwide)

    I've received compassionate, intelligent, and responsible care for my ME/CFS symptoms from Dr. Jon Kaiser. https://www.jonkaiser.com/ He is an integrative medicine specialist with expertise treating patients with fatigue diseases including ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, immune system disorders, GI...
  7. S

    New York Tri-State

    Hi, I am in desperate need of a specialist in the NY tri-state area. I have seen Dr. Susan Levine who was actually very helpful with the initial diagnosis, and putting me on medications, but I need someone who I can talk to about ongoing care. I find her to be pretty rude and unable to...