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Looking for ME-friendly cardiologist in London, UK

Hi everyone,

I'm posting on behalf of my mum who has ME. Her doctor she sees for her ME is concerned that she has some abnormal signs in tests on her heart, and referred her to see a cardiologist. However the cardiologist (as is so often the case) totally fobbed her off and didn't explore any of the issues her doctor was concerned about, and suggested she have tests she has already had.

We're still concerned about her heart as she is continuing to have cardiac symptoms, so we want to find a better cardiologist for her to see who will take her symptoms and the issues her ME doctor raised seriously.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a ME-friendly cardiologist in London, UK area? Can travel if needed but local would be better.

Thanks everyone, I hope you're all having the best day possible.


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So I'm not in the UK but did an internet search for Lyme Carditis UK thinking that at least a LLMD cardiologist would be more sympathetic to someone with ME.

I thought I found two but missed that one is in Canada. Sorry.

This one does sound as though he might be a LLMD. He says he is a consulting cardiologist. He mentioned doing worldwide phone or video calls: https://drsanjayguptacardiologist.com/patient-stories/chris-story-of-living-with-lyme-carditis/

I don't know if this would be helpful to your Mum. If not, I hope someone in the UK will offer you some names of ME cardiologists.
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