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Chronic Illness Clinics in Melbourne, Australia: what was your experience?

Now that I have a clinical diagnosis I'm looking to join one of the three (that I know of) clinics purportedly able to treat ME/CFS in my state's capital city. They are:

-Zebra Clinic

-Active Healthcare Clinic

-Epworth Hospital Rehabilitation Clinic

When I asked the rheumatologist who diagnosed me about Heart-Rate Monitoring he told me that I'd need six sessions at the Epworth clinic (just south of $200 per session) to learn how. Surprise surprise, I soon find he's on staff there. If those sessions are actually worth that much I'd love to hear about it.

The stuff from Active Healthcare seems like a mixed bag; online they talk the talk re pacing and respecting the energy envelope but the guy I spoke to claimed that ME/CFS sufferers have a "sensitised CNS" which is "fabricating fatigue" to "get out of threatening situations which are no longer happening". Sounds Lightning Process-adjacent to me. Also he wanted to teach me pacing based on "well, you write down what you did each day and look for patterns" and turned up his nose at the idea of actually taking measurements re sleep, HR, etc. If they're actually good and I've misjudged them, I'd love to hear.

Haven't reached out to Zebra yet, thought I'd try sourcing recs here.

Thanks in advance!