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CBS / Ammonia / Glutathione

Discussion in 'Detox: Methylation; B12; Glutathione; Chelation' started by dbose, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. dbose


    My First post to this amazing community. Thanks for opportunity to post here.

    Here is the mutation summary from 23&Me. (**) are homozygous ones.

    DAO / HNMT - Histamine / Allergy / Leaky Gut
    FUT2 - Reduced intestinal microbiota
    CETP / USF1 / LDL-R Asn464 (rs688) / APOE IVS1+69 - Higher cholesterol (Elevated cholesterol should not be viewed as a primary disease, but rather as a symptom or consequence of hormonal imbalances. In several patients with FHC, we restored cholesterol to normal levels after the patients initiated hormonorestorative therapy)
    MAO-A (**) / COMT (**) - Neurotransmitter / Adrenaline / Stress-Hormone / Estrogen-dominance (also hetero on ESR2 - Estrogen Receptor Beta**)
    MTHFD1 (**) - Folate metabolism
    MTRR - Poor methylation of Vitamin B12
    CBS/NOS3 - Sulf(i/a)tes / Ammonia / BH4 / eNOS / Hypertension & ROS
    CYP1A2 (**) - Liver Phase 1
    GSTP1 (**) - Liver Phase 2 - Glutahione Conjugation
    GAD1 (**) - Low GABA / Neurotransmitter
    BHMT8 (**) - Core Methylation (Homocysteine -> Methionine)
    NR3C1 (**) - HPA Axis / Cortisol / Adrenal Fatigue / Hormone Imbalance / Cholesterol stuff

    Combination of up-regulated CBS, down-regulated BHMT8 and NOS3 is really bad. My Homocysteine is 6.9 (on lower end). Here are some of the reasons I believe CBS is expressing -

    1. Hair test: High Sulfur ??
    2. Low B6 (B6 is a Co-factor of CBS enzyme)
    3. OAT: High Orotic Acid in OAT (Marker 60) indicating high ammonia
    4. OAT: Low 2-hydroxybutyric acid (Glutathione Deficiency)
    5. >800 reading in urine sulphate strips whenever I eat broccoli
    6. Cu/Zn balance is screwed up. My hypothesis: because of Moly deficiency caused by CBS+
    As everyone here may already know methylations is really a delicate act of balancing all 4-wheels ensuring proper glutathione formation. Having gone through Yasko's books I find it a bit confusing at times. Thus created a short protocol for myself here.

    1. Reduce thiol foods
    2. Take Moly for sulfite + Thorne Pic-Mins (or other good trace minerals without copper and iron)
    3. Take Yasko’s CBS RNA + for ammonia
    4. Keep taking small amount (10%-15% of total calorie intake) of lean meat (It's important to understand that even though meat is high in sulfur, the sulfur is bound in with essential amino acids like methionine. Your body may or may not break apart the amino acid and release the sulfur. The sulfur in vegetables, however, is quickly digested because it's in a thiol form, so you may react to leafy greens and onions more than meat.)
    5. Follow this for 4-6 weeks
    6. Slowly introduce glutathione cofactors along with Moly.
    7. Induce Nrf2 via curcumin or ginger
    8. Take liposomal glutathione
    9. Slowly add liquid hydroxy-cobalamins to tolerance
    10. Measure urine sulphate levels and go to step #1
    Regarding Glutathione cofactors designed this formula via GetVitaminLab

    L-Serine +100mg
    Molybdenum +150mcg
    Magnesium (Glycinate) +400mg
    Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxal-5′-Phosphate) +10mg (low dose for CBS+)
    Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin-5′-Phosphate) +12.5mg
    Vitamin B1 (Thiamine HCl) +12.5mg

    Even though curcumin / turmeric shifts the pathway to Glutathione formation, I believe curcuin does it magic via activating Nrf2 pathway which is really a low-stress-training for cells. If you activate Nrf2 pathway and you don’t have necessary cofactors present, you essentially will going to face increased oxidative stress.

    What you all think about this simplified protocol ?

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