Predicting Symptoms from microbiome lab reports

This item has been on my backburner for a while and today I came up with an efficient algorithm to compute a short most probable symptoms. The results on my own samples were actually quite accurate.

I have MTHFR issues (reported by conventional testing), this is my age range, cold hands and feet, I have been well aware since the 1970’s of eye focus issues (from eye specialist). The disorientation matches up with my being a high functioning autism spectrum person. The last item makes it a slam dunk….
I checked another person who I know the medical history. The person has TMJ, and just about every symptom listed!
Where is this new feature

One thing that I realized that it predicted symptoms that I would NOT associate with my current state– but actually matches the long term medical issues. For example, eye focus issues — that goes back 40 years and which is not on my radar as an active symptom.
I suspect “mouth sores” which showed up on other issues — may include gum disease being active.


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