Seed Probiotics – After one month, Persistence may occur

I just got my ubiome results today. The sample was taken after one month on Seed Probiotics. I believe that the Seed Probiotics have made a significant positive impact on me, but the impact that I was most hoping for was seeing more lactobacillus AND bifidobacterium being reported.
The answer is, it may.
For new readers, a ME/CFS flare was triggered by work stress around the 12 of March, 2019 — dramatic changes seen across my microbiome (separate posts on these). I am still recovering.

Sample readings
From the last sample (where I had stopped things that I should not have – sampled 04-30) until this time, we see a 10 fold increase in Lactobacillus, but not a single bifidobacterium has appeared. Akkermansia is often associated with these two, so I include it. 2017 and 2018 are from being in apparent remission.

A bit of a roller coaster.

Not a single unit to be seen despite Seed having many species in it

Akkermansia is making some recovery

I will be continuing on with Seed Probiotic and plan to do my next sample in 8 days. I am feeling better and ME/CFS symptoms are reducing — whether that is a natural recovery or impacted by Seed, is a matter for speculation.
Bottom Line
The evidence for Seed persisting is weak. Good evidence would have been both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium to make significant improvement.
Personally, I am happy with it for the bacteriocins (natural antibiotics) appears to be in it. I discovered this the hard way. One night I forgot that I had taken 2 capsules an hour before and took a second dose. It was a rough night.
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We will see what next month’s numbers are like.


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