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If I could draw better, I would draw a cartoon GracieJ right here, wild-haired, cross-eyed, tongue hanging out in mad frustration, covered with a tangle of electrical cords.

I just have to make fun of myself a little bit today when it comes to tech toys and keeping them recharged. It is a much larger task than it should be, brain fog and all.

My iPod is showing a little red bar? Hmm. Wonder where my charging cord went to? How did that happen? Digging through a tangle of cords in a box: Is it this one? Wasn't it white? This one's white, is this it? Where's the adapter for the wall outlet?

My laptop only has ten percent power left? But I swear I left it plugged in overnight last night. Oh... I have been on the computer twice today blogging. Maybe the battery really does need a recharge.

Then there is my kindle, one of those lovely devices you buy because you love to read -- and with PEM and other things gone, I finally get to read and enjoy it again. Hmmm, is my Amazon account still valid? Ooo, it is... but the credit card on it expired like three years ago. How do I update my account? How do I even NAVIGATE this STUPID WEB SITE??? (This, coming from a previously moderately techno savvy woman who did secretarial work.)

Sidetracked now to another issue... I have to download ANOTHER software update to get this to work? Oh, now gotta get on and check the bank account. Ouch.

Oh... I see. But now my PayPal account says it will not jive with my bank account on this other online site to order my supplements. It takes me three days and who knows how many hours to figure that one out.

Oh, it's three days later. Did I ever finish downloading the books I wanted to read? Where the heck are they on this kindle device? The power died... you mean, if I turn off wi-fi and 3G, I can read for a month?? REALLY??? Where was that written? Thank you for telling me. But now... where did my power cord go for the kindle? Where is the power adapter? Help!!

So last night... I got smart. I plugged in the iPod. Charging... check. I plugged in the laptop. Charging... check. Is my kindle charged and ready to go? Check. Smugly, I get up this morning, gather up my tech toys and head for work. (I have chunks of "down time" during the day, always like the tech toys with me.) While waiting for the bus, I realize I need to make a phone call.

My cell phone is dead. I forgot to charge it up last night.

Wonder what the heck happened to my power cord?

No wonder people switch to iPhones.


you really do write very good articles. :)

One thing I really hate is trying to remember all my passwords, thou Ive only ever used the same three for past 10 years which I choose as they are ones which should be easy for me to remember. Do I remember them thou.. nope.

I either have to leave myself signed into sites all the time (like I do for this one) or Im pressing that "forgot my password" link and getting new ones sent which I often then forget to change back to my old ones ...that is once I do remember them. So are always having to get new passwords sent. Then its a case of "is this the new one or is that the other new one I got the sent yesterday or this morning? What day of the week is it? What's my new password?

When the phone goes dead.. that usually causes me huge issues as I always, forget how to put my phone back on. So boyfriend after getting sick of not being able to get in touch with me whenever that happens, ended up putting a sticker with instructions on the back of my phone, telling me how to turn the thing on!! (I keep loosing the instructions I keep on writing on how to turn it on).

Im fortunate Im not in your situation as I dont have as much technology Im trying to keep up with.. only my computer and phone. More technology, oh what a nightmare that would be.
Girl.... I would be bonkers too... Condense!! But I am impressed you can WORK... and READ a book!! Also glad to hear I am not the only person who struggles navagating on this site... Good luck gettin your charge on...
tania... don't even get me started on passwords!! Your comments made me laugh. Then there are bookmarks for sites... if I bookmark a site, chances are good it is lost forever. Truth is, I have spent a week at a time without my phone because the power cord was in a "safe" place.

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