Metals, Minerals, and Bowel Detox

Last Friday, I started a regimen of colonics and immediately started feeling better. I have since done one almost every day, skipping only those days that I've travelled to the doctor in Columbus. I decided to do this to reduce the stress on my liver, since the unfriendly microorganisms living in my bowel are making acids that poison the body. It was a GREAT decision, for I even started FEELING GOOD. I have more energy. I sleep without benzodiazepines (although not soundly). I even feel NORMAL in my head. And what pleases me the most, my desires are returning -- for sex, for creative projects like writing, for cleaning and staightening up the house. An unexpected effect is that the itchy psoriasis on my elbows -- the bane of my existent since 1999 -- is itching less and might even be healing.

I have a home machine called a Sitolonic, which makes the process of daily bowel cleansing easy and inexpensive. It sits over the toilet seat, and the water from a 5 gallon camp bag slung over the closet door comes through tubing and squirts up through a soft, flexible tube inserted into the rectum. Unlike a water enema, there is no distension of the bowel. Instead, peristalsis is stimulated by the slow drizzle of water on the inner wall of the rectum and descending colon. It feels like a normal bowel movement, without cramping and without any feeling of being depleted.

Today I got the results of a Toxic Metals and Essential Elements test (posted at Compared to the last time I did this test in August 2009, I am dumping many more toxic metals. Last time I had bars in the green (normal range) for six metals. This time, I have bars in the green for 11 toxic metals. Significantly, two of those bars are in the high normal range -- aluminum and tin. All the things I dumped last time are still being dumped, except mercury. But I have learned that mercury excretion tends to be cyclical, and perhaps since I get quite a bit of mercury detox with DMPS, and did and LED for mercury in Florida, my body has other, higher priorities.

The second part of the test shows levels of nutritional minerals. While the report specifically says that spot urine tests are not accurate measures of nutritional mineral levels (better measures are whole blood, RBC elements, hair analysis), Dr. Amy Yasko uses these tests regularly to monitor the levels of nutritional minerals in the autistic children on her protocol.

To the extent the test is valid, it shows two things of significance.

[1] all my nutritional minerals are dismally low (except magnesium, which I supplement in high amounts and which had during the night before collecting the sample). This confirms, to my mind, how the I.V. chelation has been creating difficulties for me. My incredibly low calcium and copper levels must be having a negative effect on thyroid and adrenal function, energy metabolism, and nervous system function.

[2] cobalt is quite high, nearly a black line across the page. Dr. Yasko likes to see it quite high, as she has found through years of experience that, after it maxes out, her patients actually start using Vitamin B-12 more effectively.

My doctor hasn't seen these results yet. Still he, and Mike, are extremely convincing about the need for chelation and the fact that the benefits outweigh the risks and temporary discomfort. I get pulled in by their confidence and their history of success.


Sorry for not checking in. I can't believe I waited a year. I will PM you. No, I got in wholesale, I think about $400.

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