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Good Day, Bad Day

Written at age 23.

On a good day,
I feel alive, my brain ticks erratically,
And I see things clearly,
My muscles are strong,
My hopes are high,
And my mind moves freely.

On a bad day,
Im sluggish as I wade through treacle,
Hopes are dashed,
And skies are grey,
Memory has gone,
I forget what to say.

On a good day,
I feel the excitement of life,
The joy of living,
I plan my future and ambitions grow,
My mind is creative,
Ideas flow.

On a bad day,
I feel the mists rolling in,
That swirl around my brain,
My limbs feel hollow and my heart feels deep,
The day becomes a blur,
Of drowsiness and sleep.

On a good day,
I laugh out loud and everything amuses me,
Seeing my entire life unfold,
I feel a swell of happiness,
As I plan my travels around the world.

On a bad day,
My dreams temporarily fade,
My mind becomes blank,
And I lie in bed and pray,
I pray I wont have to wait too long,
Until the next good day.


Thanks, Hell...Hath...No...Fury. You do a good job summing up the experience of living with a chronic illness -- good days, bad days.
hello Hell...Hath...No...Fury..
you really expressed yourself so well...alot of pain and hurt in what you wrote...i hope you have lots of better days they sounded very good...

i seem to have only bad days now...maybe ive just been sick too long to have anymore good days? or just so worn down by life and pain that its just how its always going to be..

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