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Timeless Void...

Written age 21, twelve years ago; during year 2 of lying virtually paralysed in a dark, silent room.

Its just you and me again,
now that darkness has arrived,
How much will you
make me cry this time?
Minutes feel like weeks,
And hours are dragging by like years,
And I sit in my dark cell,
In a timeless void of punishment,
Silence surrounds me,
While others sleep,
I sit waiting,
Completely still,
The rosary entwined
Though my fingers,
The echo of drums,
Beating in the distance,
In the distance of my pounding mind,
I close my eyes,
But sleep lies far away from me,
My face crumples with pain,
As I try to drift away,
Must sleep, must sleep,
Too painful,
So I sit once more and wait,
My empty stomach churns,
And my head continues to crumble,
Thoughts continue to escape me,
Until I am hollow,
A corpse filled with pain,
Is this a nightmare?
No, Im awake,
Am I dying?
No such luck,
So tired,
Tired of waiting,
Will this never end?
So much agony,
And yet death will not greet me,
Such modern times,
Yet they still cannot cure me,
For such a long time,
Ive felt the agony in my brain,
Now I feel like a vessel,
Carrying nothing but pain,
Every time you attack me,
I lie and wait for death,
Keeping fingers crossed,
With every breath,
Morning, noon and night,
Begin to blend as one,
And the days overlap,
Until the week is gone,
People dont understand,
But I couldnt wish them pain,
Because nobody deserves,
To suffer with migraine...


"A corpse filled with pain." That's a striking metaphor.

You really have been through hell. I'm sorry.

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