Excercise / Energy envelope Observations

I think I am finally getting a handle of how the movign target of energy works. This is huge, this is just a hypothesis at this point, will test and confirm later.

So Observation number one: My energy or how easy I tire is a moving target from day to day. No matter how much I rest, I have to accomodate to that day limits, no matter how much progress I have made. So first thing Is I have is a general messure and General guidelines as follow:

When I wake up: How easy I can brush my teeth, shower and go up the stairs once.

If I tire by brushing my theeth that is like a 30% energy level for me.
Tire by shower I am in a 20%.
Tire by going up the stairs: if I am completely tired that puts me at 40%, A little tired only means I am at 60%. When I dont even feel it, I know I have a 80% day. I at this point know by the end of a flight of stairs I position myself between 50% to 80%, sometimes I forget soemething and I go up the stairs 2 or 3 times if I don't feel it then I know I am in the 90s%. Also when I am in the 80s and up I dont dread things like If I have to go and get soemthig without thinking about it or thinking Oh crap, then I know I am in my high fucntional target.

When I am in my 80s% and up, I can go to the gym, take it easy and do 1h excercise w no payout. IF I KEEP my HR UNDER 115 to 120. My AT does not move, is how much I have to do to get there is what changes. This is the key. To monitor HR all the time while excercising.

Ok so If I had some issues going up a flight of stairs and I say ok I am at a 70%, I only walk in increments of 10min or 20min, this helps to keep pain at bay, so I have to walk.

If I have issues like 50 to 60% I work with feet up all day. I do not even walk that day and avoid EVERY other activity (cook, dress up, elaborated hair.....).

If under 50% I try to work from home and take naps for lunch. Because the AT will be reach so easy I have to start tracking HR so I dont exeed AT by just having lunch for example, I do as much liquid foods as possible. Load on pedialyte and rest until I get out. Sometimes advil helps to get out of crash. But mainly for me is pedyalite (electrolyte) what gets me out.

I am extreme, I can be one day 50% next 90% back to 20%. I know peple say is bad envelope management but for me I think is an inflamation process, I can tell because I feel and hurt on colon and I get spine/head burning and as soon as I do advil I am miracuously out. Now I need to find out what causes the inflamation. But that us another project :)

Please post ur experiences if you have any other observations so I can try different stuff.


You are lucky in that your body seems to give you so many different signals. My body doesn't seem to let me know I overdid it until it is much too late (like 6 hours later) and then I crash. When I crash bad, it seems like it is 2 weeks in the hole and only then can I start the digging out process again of slowly increasing my level of activity. Maybe part of the problem is that I am on a betablocker for control of the tachycardia and can't use my heart rate as a signal. But I am definitely not going off of the atenolol as it has made my orthostatic intolerance a non-issue and daily living more comfortable. I guess I should increase my activity level even more slowly. I agree that the energy envelope is a moving target and very hard to pin down. I also agree that any suggestions on pacing would be greatly appreciated.
Interesting observations you've made. Thanks for sharing them. I recently had the 2 day testing done and am still trying to figure out how to implement my findings into my daily life. My AT was under 100 and with my POTS/OI it's hard to use HR as a very good indicator, but it's a constant that I have to work with at least so I'm wearing my HR monitor all the time. It's actually been enlightening to see that perhaps there is more of a pattern to my "crashes" than I previously thought there was. Haven't really figured it all out yet, so am hesitant to say too much, but I am finding it helpful to know my AT and try to maintain my activity level below that. Even with the beta blockers though, I'm always exceeding it by late afternoon and evening.

One thing I've noticed though is that on days when I'm REALLY fatigued/wiped out with PEM/PENE, rather than my HR being 10 points higher like they warned me it would be from over-exertion, my resting HR is actually 10 points lower than normal. Almost like I'm too tired to be tachy and go into brady instead. LOL
Drugs like Advil, AKA ibuprofen, block an inflammatory molecule. Hence why you improve when taking it.

On another note, how much of the electrolyte drink do you consume in a day? I have been drinking Nuun, a tablet that is added to 16oz of water to make an electrolyte solution w/o sugar. However, I also have hypertension so I am concerned about sodium. I have noticed that I recover more quickly from exertion when I drink it.
I take one coconut water that does the trick (12oz container or so). when HR goes up (sign of dehydration) or been crashed then I do pedyalite one bottle per day until I am out of the crash. I have try nuun, the Emergency brand, home made..... And I just have the best results w those 2 so I am sticking with it. I have a test every 3 months so if potassium to high and sodium or low I adjust accordingly.
My body's response to fatigue is often more "energy" so I have a hard time setting limits.
Same for me, when I'm "sick" aka inflamed then I do less. You have to be very self aware, it's the most natural thing. Adjusting to some outside standard would be quite wrong.

I also think that anybody getting out of a bad period should avoid breathing hard for any prolonged period, because that's just bulding up the chemicals (such as lactic acid) that'll make you sink.

@karmajinpa, I also tend to hypertension (that's when "sick"). There are not many of us here.

@Ruthie24 have you ever read on chronitropic incompetence?

@Hugocfs I bet that just paying attention to how hard you are breathing is an excellent way.

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