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Why this reaction to CALCIUM D GLUCARATE?!?

@drmullin30 Wow I can't believe I've been dealing with this issue since 2018. Sorry I haven't been able to reply. Life has been one big poop show after another. I recently had a hemorrhaging bleed again which took 20 sessions of acupuncture to stop. Now I'm onto my second menstrual cycle since the recent sessions and thankfully my body is able to stop on it's own after 10 days, but not without experiencing some random floods first. It moves like water out of me along with fist sized clots. This time it was brought on by taking a month of Lions Mane supplements. I was hoping it would heal previous brain injury symptoms I suffered. Reading online, it appears to activate flares in people with autoimmune disease, which I wasn't aware of.
If you are regularly in exposure to water-damaged building, that could be part of your problem, too. CIRS looks like lots of different illnesses.


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Sorry to bring up my old thread but I've discovered some things along the way. My bleeding is somehow caused by high prolactin and low progesterone. I suspect the glutathione that was given to me mobilized the estrogen in my body or it raised prolactin. The reason why DIM didnt work and in fact made things worse was because it can actually make estrogen dominance worse. It raises overall levels of estrogen since it helps metabolize bad estrogens in to good estrogens. Bad idea for me since my progesterone was still low. Calcium D glucarate must have detoxed not only the estrogen but also other hormones. I will eventually revisit Calcium D glucarate again but at the moment I am trialling high dose Vitex. Then maybe test Calcium D glucarate twice a week rather than every day. @TJ_in_UT Are you still using CDG?