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Was hoping for some help with Yasko Results.

Hi, just wondering if I could get some help with my husbands results. I am feeling a little lost as I have read through posts that say Yasko is unreliable. cheers.

SHMT / C1420T +/-
MTHFR / A1298C +/-
MTHFR / 3 +/-
MTRR / H595Y +/-
MTRR / K350A +/-
MTRR / 11 +/-
BHMT / 1 -/-
BHMT / 2 +/+
BHMT / 4 +/+
BHMT / 8 +/+
CBS / A360A +/-
COMT / V158M +/+
COMT / H62H +/+
COMT / V158M +/+
COMT / H62H +/+
VDR / Taq1 +/+
VDR / Fok1 +/-
MAO A / R297R +/+
NOS / D298E +/-
ACAT / 1-02 +/-


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I am feeling a little lost as I have read through posts that say Yasko is unreliable

Unfortunately Yasko is very unreliable, she has made serious errors about some SNPs, makes claims about some which do nothing and claims as facts things which are her assumptions.

The first thing to realise is that just because a variant is identified it doesn't mean it has any effect. Getting to the bottom of which SNPs mean something and which don't is not easy and requires work.

Some resources which can be helpful were canvassed in this thread.

There are many threads on PR which discuss individual genes - here here here here here and here are some of the genes that Yasko talks about (and sometimes gets wrong). Here is another thread that discusses a few different genes. There are many others.

Of the SNPs you list, the ones that do something are

MTHFR A1298C +/- would slightly slow the enzyme. I don't know what MTHFR 3 refers to but if it is C677T then +/- would have a modest slowing effect on the enzyme. Supplementation with the cofactor for the enzyme B2 might stimulate it, supplementation with the endpoint methylfolate might also be helpful.

The first two MTRR SNPs would have a small slowing effect, I don't know what MTRR 11 refers to. Supplementation with methylB12 might be helpful.

COMTV158M +/+ would definitely slow the enzyme. Supplementation with its cofactor magnesium might be helpful.

BHMT +/+ is protective.
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