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Volumetric differences in hippocampal subfields and associations with clinical measures in ME/CFS (Thapaliya et al., 2022)


Psalm 46:1-3
Great Lakes
Maybe this won't be helpful at all but I have an older version of this supplement that is supposed to be a Cox-2 inhibitor.

My version doesn't have the first four ingredients. Posting this though just in case some of those ingredients (maybe the herbal ones) could work in a similar way??

I haven't noticed if it reduced my symptoms. I only take it once in a while.

All I know sometimes is if I take a 1/4 of one of those with a 1/4 of one of these https://www.amazon.com/Enzymatic-Therapy-Fatigued-Fantastic-Tablets/dp/B000BCYQNY/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=end+pain+by+enzymatic+therapy&qid=1691528495&sprefix=End+Pain,aps,128&sr=8-1
I relax and get sleepy. The two together sometimes does help with pain but again my bottle is the older version and you could maybe maybe a diy version if you have access to those herbals.

Maybe I'm gonna trial it more than once in a while and see if it helps with those brain issues. :)


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