Vagus nerve stimulation - Nurosym device


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@Husamor.....As I reread it, I know that I can't understand my own question. I just hope it will work for you and look forward to future reports. Yours, Lenora


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I know someone who has a Vivosmart 4 with the body battery, and she likes it very much. It helps her a lot with pacing. I'd thought of getting one and then forgot about it! (no surprise :wide-eyed: ) Anyways, thanks for posting about this, I will think about it again . . .

if I should by one now, I’d probably by a forerunner 255.
(I’ve bought my watch used, I don’t know how easy it is in other countries)
It measures HRV -heart rate variability- all night as well, with its own graph.
It’s seems to be an extremely helpful addition.

In the meantime you might want to start with this free app, it’s under development , from someone with log covid. It seems they are working on a watch as well
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Had noooooo clue such a thing existed, but yes, it is indeed expensive. I'd be tempted to try one that's cheaper than 700€ (money back if not satisfied or not), as someone earlier in the thread mentioned one: but how do we know how efficient those other devices are compared to the Nurosym (which seems the state of the art device atm).

Has ANYONE on here had improvement with brain fog ? I've read about improvement on mood, feeling calmer (sympathetic NS and inflammation reduced), ppl mentioned sleep... that sort of thing... but anyone actually improved their brain fog with this thing ? Thx.