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sleep meds


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glad that stuff is working for you Caroljean. i develop a tolerance to meds pretty quickly too. i'm afraid my sleep issues are past the Kava Gaba Worty Rooty stuff, i tried all of that for over a decade trying not to give in to meds. but i gave in, & now i sleep better - tho i have other isseus, all the dang meds come with side effects. it's obviously far better for you to not have to use the hard core stuff, so i hope it keeps working for you. i have a friend who also has IC who swears by all the 5HTP NAC SamE stuff.


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I have been given a presciption of the dreaded rohypnol, the date rape drug, as i have tried everything. The first time i took it i thought wow im going to get some good sleep tonight. It made me groogy but 2 hours later i still couldnt sleep, it just wouldnt turn the switch off, so i had a small dose of mirtazipine with it and slept great. Mirtazipine was also a new med for me, although i have used it in the past, on its own it makes me abit groggy but doesnt turn the switch off but works well with a benzo. So now what i have up my sleeve is mirtazipine with rohypnol or imovane/zopiclonex2, or i take rohypnol or mirtazipine with a antihistamine so theres about 4 different combo's i use, plus the occassional seroquel. Last night i took 100mg of seroquel and slept 1 hour then added another 50mg and got nowhere and then took 1 imovane and then slept well, so what started as an 8 o'clock bed time turned into a 1am bed time, lol. Im suprised how poorly the seroquel worked although i had a very flat day that day, maybe my body had alot of viral crap floating around stopping me from sleeping.

I have tried all the natural stuff as well and found it was really hit and miss and not that effective for me, then i decided to jump ship and go the drug route, i know without these meds i would be feeling even worse. sleep is my achilles heel, aaarrrrggghhhhh!!!!



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I would never be able to take prescrptions for sleep. I can't take pain pills either. After surgeries, I can't have any! Anyway, I have had wonderful luck with supplements like meletonin and Metarest. You just have to have the right dose. After using them for a while, I very rarely need anything now.