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Seeing Dr John Chia on Friday, What Questions Should I Ask?


Senior Member
Did anyone know how successful the therapy was for Jesse2233, b/c there are now new messages since 2019 from this account.
My recollection is that he became well enough to return to work, though I don't know any specifics of what helped him get there.

Did you know if Dr. Chia would offer telemedicine and what the price for his usual consultations is?
I'm unsure if he does telemedicine for the first appointment, but I have been doing telemedicine with him for years after a first visit in person. Prior to the pandemic, he wasn't able to bill insurance for this and so I believe it was somewhere around $100. Otherwise, he bills all major insurance directly for visits, unlike a lot of other ME doctors.

It's been a while since I've followed up with him, but he was last looking at remdesivir and was going to trial it on some double ME/COVID cases, pending insurance approval. Not sure what others he might have in mind, I have it on my list to ask about Paxlovid, Lagevrio, or the compounds being developed by Cocrystal Pharma.


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"He" is Dr. Chia. Dosage .6mg colchicine twice a day. 50mg Indocin twice a day. She has since been lowered to 50mg of Indocin once a day.
That's interesting because I can find quick relief of my fatigue/brain fog/sleepiness with low doses of Colchicine 0.25 mg + Piroxicam 5 mg (non selective cox inhibitor like indocin). I believe this association has a potent action against neuroinflammation