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Scientific method to measure stomach acid at home (who would help validate it for the ketogenic diet?)


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In my following post you find all details how to use simple urinary pH stripes for finding out at home if you have enough stomach acid:

No, you do not put anything into your stomach, but you measure your urinary pH two times :) !
Essentially, this is a trick that utilizes the so-called alkaline tide phenomenon, in which the pH value of the urine and the secretion of stomach acid surprisingly connect to each other. This is validated in many scientific papers. So you can find out if you have enough stomach acid to digest food well, without visiting a gastro.

Is there anyone reading this who is on a ketogenic diet?
I am on keto and my problem is, that this method is not validated on keto. And keto massively changes the entire acid base balance because ketone bodies are acids.
-> so could anyone on keto please do this test for me precisely as described in that link and post the results?
It would be important to know since how long you are on keto, because the body takes a while to fully adapt.
This would be very helpful to resolve the following dilemma:
On keto my urinary ph is always constantly 5.5. that is, I have no alkaline tide: the pH value does not go up after meals as it should. Normally, this would mean according to the scientific papers provided in the link above, that there is no acid secretion in the stomach. But a ketogenic diet changes the entire acid base economy of the body and it could for example happen that this abolishes the alkaline tide phenomenon.
Unfortunately, I do not have any chance to get out of keto at the moment: it was the ketogenic diet that got me out of a full blown diagnosed ME. And whenever I start eating a little carbs, I feel the symptoms coming again. By the way, I am now working on finding out why this is. If anyone is in a similar situation, here is the science:
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so i was eating one of the stripes and later when i collected it and tried to read it it was too dark to read or draw any conclusions.
should have read further than the first paragraph i guess.

sadly i cannot do the test, because my urine ph is alway at the lowest - means the stripe doesnt change color, no matter if do in the morning, pre or after meals. just no change. if i drink a lot of potassium citrate it gets into the 6 range but then it goes down again later.
do you have a idea whats the problem with this?