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stomach acid

  1. Lolinda

    Scientific method to measure stomach acid at home (who would help validate it for the ketogenic diet?)

    In my following post you find all details how to use simple urinary pH stripes for finding out at home if you have enough stomach acid: https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads/dealing-with-low-stomach-acid.45191/page-2#post-746862 No, you do not put anything into your stomach, but you measure...
  2. T

    Zinc carnosine

    Hello! Can anyone help me understand why Zinc Carnosine makes me SO tired? The “I can’t keep my brain/eyes turned on. im getting anxious” type of tired. My mother is also taking this but she does not experience fatigue. My body has gone under the wringer. I’ve been bleeding continuously...
  3. nerd

    Gallbladder (Bile) and SIBO

    I'm currently trying a keto diet and experiencing some gallbladder symptoms and a keto rash. I think I haven't sufficiently supported my stomach acid with Betaine HCL + Pepsin + Gentian Bitters. Instead, I took a supplement with calcium carbonate which reduced stomach acid. In the course of...