ketogenic diet

  1. MEsucks

    Extreme unexplained gradual water weight loss?

    I have recently observed something interesting and possibly problematic with my weight that I can't find any info about anywhere. So I thought I would see if anyone else has experienced something similar or maybe know what is causing it. In March 2022 I weighed 71 kg(156.5 lbs) and...
  2. GreenEdge

    Low-carb diet puts type 2 diabetes into remission

    Dr. David Unwin at Norwood Surgery (UK) has had over 50% (n=95 of 186) success treating type 2 diabetic patients with a low cab/ketogenic diet. 8 Years of Low Carb at Norwood Surgery by Dr David Unwin Slides: Dr. David...
  3. nerd

    Review: Ketogenic Diets and Chronic Disease: Weighing the Benefits Against the Risks

    Crosby L, Davis B, Joshi S, Jardine M, Paul J, Neola M and Barnard ND (2021) Ketogenic Diets and Chronic Disease: Weighing the Benefits Against the Risks. Front. Nutr. 8:702802. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2021.702802 Abstract
  4. nerd

    Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) Inhibitors and the Ketogenic Diet

    As someone who's advocated for the ketogenic diet in this forum, I think I should add the following warning about it. But please bear with me, there is more to it. The ketogenic diet (as a single therapy) can trigger viral reactivations. Here are three papers for reference. The first one...
  5. nerd

    My Keto Experience

    I recently switched to a ketogenic diet and would like to share my experience and draw attention to some aspects that might not be common knowledge yet. I prepared myself for the ketogenic diet. I had MCT oil, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and the right food available. I use Fora 6 and Ketonix for keto...