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SNT Gatchaman

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New Zealand
Question: on the nano-needle in relation to the new micro-clot finding in long Covid.

The nano-needle technique put PBMCs in plasma on the sensor array until a stable impedance trace, then stressed them with hyperosmotic saline. From 60-120 minutes there was a rise in the impedance (in-phase resistance), which was attributed to metabolic stress / ATP use in the monocytes of ME patients (highly specific).

Filtering plasma by size reduced the effect significantly, leading to the idea that there was something-in-the-blood affecting the cells.

Was the nano-needle test ever tried without the monocytes present?

i.e. Could the impedance changes have been due solely to micro-clots in the plasma rather than the cells?

Could micro-clots be the something in the blood and that they change after sufficient time in hyper osmotic saline. They are said to contain abnormally folded fibrinogen that are in beta-sheets rather than alpha helices.

Thank you.