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Post-sex exhaustion

Hi Chiron, hope you are doing okay. Are you able to orgasm without ejaculating? I believe ejaculation is depleting even for very healthy men but you can learn to separate the two. I am a virgin woman so I am not speaking from experience

Nord Wolf

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New England
Are you able to orgasm without ejaculating? I believe ejaculation is depleting even for very healthy men but you can learn to separate the two.
I was a student of Mantak Chia’s work years ago. Back in my 20’s I was finally able, after a long time of serious practice, to master the “Big Draw”. It is a process for males and female where nearing the point of orgasm, you do a series of full body muscle contractions combined with breathing coordination and mental focus. The object is to reverse the direction of orgasmic energy. Normally it is focused out of the body through either the penis or vagina. This is a huge loss of energy for both sexes. The “Big Draw” trains the body to orgasm without loss of energy. Rather the orgasmic energy shoots backward and up the spine. It takes an incredible amount of time and focus to successfully execute, and it is a lot of work to actually do the technique as well. Not everyone who practices is lucky enough to attain the proper outcome.

If you can achieve this, then you can go on to lots more practice in training the body to employ the reverse orgasm just with mental focus, and no longer have to work the ridiculous full body muscle contractions with breath coordination, etc.

I did manage to accomplish both, which was amazing really. My wife was able to as well. To be able to move the point of orgasm to other regions of the body is truly an amazing experience. However, after I was poisoned in 05 I slowly lost the ability within about 6 years. And now with a more severe level of ME/CFS, the though of sex is exhausting. It’s a cruel aspect of this disease, for anyone.
It might also be the case that an over-excitation of certain brain regions leads to a change in receptor homeostasis, like the one presumed by Cortene.
Yes I have the same thoughts. POIS sufferers (without ME/CFS) basically have temporary ME/CFS (severity varies) after sexual activity. And since all symptoms disappears on its own after some time in POIS, maybe ME/CFS can resolve too, but something prevents it. I mean maybe there is no permanent damage in ME/CFS, and with certain help, ME can be cured. (Again maybe it’s overoptimistic but I wanna be hopeful)


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I've definitely experienced that. Ever since my ME/CFS was mild, any sexual activity would make me feel better briefly, then trigger a PEM style crash. Now at the more severe end of the scale, it does the same thing. From housebound to more bedbound. Either way, it's unpleasant and debilitating.


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my vitamin c taken right after the ejacul. used to reduce or prevent the next day worsening of symptoms.
sadly i dont tolerate that vitamin c anymore.

also worsening only after ejacul.
but wanking without ejacul. even makes me feel better.


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United Kingdom
Just wanted to say I've been trying 50mg DHEA with some small benefit but I'm still testing. Probably taken it four times so far...seemed to help a bit or a lot not 100% sure as I've had some confounding factors so more tests needed.