orgasmic dysfunction

  1. Martin aka paused||M.E.

    Men: nocturnal emission

    Hey guys, For almost two years now I'm advocating on Instagram and many mostly young men who are severe to very severe have written me the following problem: They suffer from pollution/nocturnal emission (unwanted/uncontrollable ejaculation). This normally occurs while sleeping when a man...
  2. Muon

    Postorgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)

    (Extreme) fatigue is a common symptom in POIS, namely 83% Ref. Some individuals may never figure out they suffer from this syndrome, it's even more difficult for any health care provider to come to this conclusion. For example: A person may have symptoms, including fatigue, that last for at...
  3. Chiron

    Post-sex exhaustion

    For the first time in years I have a partner and we are engaging in sexual activity. I still have a libido, amazingly, but after I orgasm I am tired for days. Not just a little tired, but very tired. Lots of brain fog, can't think clearly, needing to nap more. It's terrible. Google tells me...